What does OpenSkill offer?

OpenSkill offers four tools (Review It, Process It, Chart It, and Tour It) and curated OER content for 7 course subjects. These will be available for all in our general release in Spring 2022.

Who can use OpenSkill resources?

Starting in Spring 2022, OpenSkill will be open to all for the first time!

How much does OpenSkill cost?

We are making Spring 2022 pilot funded by our grant, so there is no cost to students. We are working closely with our partner institutions to determine the costs per student, and it will be approximately $20 for Course Packages, $3 for single Tool subscriptions, and $5 for all Tool subscriptions. OpenSkill is not-for-profit, and this is a projection to cover our raw operating and support costs. The cost may go up or down.

When can I use these tools?

Spring 2022! To reserve a spot, sign up to teach for Spring 2022 to let our team know, and we will help you get set up.

How do I get the tools and content in my LMS?

Click this Contact Us link, and we can give you more details about the adoption process.

I need support. What help can I get from OpenSkill?

The Inspark Teaching Network at Arizona State University provides support for OpenSkill. Students can use this form. Instructors, you can reach support with this form.

I’m outside of the OpenSkill partnership. How do I contact you?

Please sign up to access our demos! If you have another reason for contact, click this Contact Us link below.

Is OpenSkill OER?

Yes! The Content Packages have Creative Commons licensing on each page. The OpenSkill Tools are open source, and we are working on releasing the code base along with licensing. The platform used for the Content Packages (Argos) is also open source.


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